The 1st Annual INTERPA Conference was held in Antalya/Turkey on 24 – 27th April, 2012 with the theme of “Comparative Police Education” with the attendance representatives from 24 police training institutions from 22 countries.

The 2nd Annual INTERPA Conference was held in Riyadh/Saudi Arabia on 13 – 17th April, 2013 with the themes of “Contemporary Issues in Police Education, Training and Research; Faculty (Teaching Staff) Development in Police Academies; Use of Technology for Police Education and Training and Research; Curriculum Design and Development” with the attendance of around 200 participants from 36 countries across the world and representatives from 3 international organizations (INTERPOL, Arab League, and AEPC).

The 3rd Annual INTERPA Conference was held in Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia on 21 - 24th April, 2014 with the theme of “Development of Teaching Staff in Police Academies” with the attendance of nearly 120 participants from 36 countries.

The 4th Annual INTERPA Conference was held in Abu Dhabi/United Arab Emirates on 25-27th May, 2015 with the theme of “Training of Officers in The Field of Policing That Needs Expertise” with attendance of 100 participants from 29 countries and 2 International Organizations.

The 5th Annual INTERPA Conference was held in Khartoum/Sudan on 28-30th March, 2016 with the theme of “Global Refugee Crisis” with the attendance of 60 participants from 18 counties, and 3 international organizations.

The 6th Annual INTERPA Conference was held in Kyrenia/Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) on 28-30th March, 2017 with the theme of "Drug Issue and New Approaches in Police Training in Combating Drugs" with the attendance of 70 participants from 23 countries.

The 7th Annual INTERPA Conference was held in Doha/Qatar on 2-5th April, 2018 with the theme of “New Trends in Combatting Terrorism and Extremism” with the attendance of 105 participants from 38 different countries and 5 International Organizations.