First of all, I would like to say welcome to the new website of International Association of Police Academies (INTERPA). Almost 4 years ago, on 02 July 2011, the ripples we created by throwing a stone into water getting bigger and bigger by instituitons’ being the member of INTERPA. Currently, we have 53 member institutions from 45 different countries. I expect to see the increase of member institutions number again in the near future. Until now the member institutions have established strong relations not only bilaterally but also within the bounds of INTERPA and this cooperation among our institutions are becoming stronger day by day. I therefore strongly believe we will go on to carry the flag forward from this point and beyond with the contribution of all members.

Within this context I would like to express that, I have always aimed to empower the positions through serving, thus during my Presidency of the Turkish National Police Academy (TNPA) and INTERPA; I would be the supporter of all initiatives advised by our all members which will strengthen the collaborations between our institutions and make a contribution to the police education/training systems of our countries.

I hope that in the forthcoming period, our institutions, both bilaterally and under the umbrella of INTERPA, will act together to further the quality of police education/training worldwide and make great contribution to the implementation of rule of law and respect to the human rights in our countries.

As it is indicated in our vision we aim to share our knowledge and experiences to reach the best practices in policing and police training. To reach this goal we should increase the cooperation activities among INTERPA members and make these activities more functional.

In this regard we should set our future objectives to encourage co-operation among the member institutions and other international training organizations. We therefore should handle the issues in our meetings as an opportunity to find out the best ways to reach our future objectives.

With this thoughts and wishes I would like to once again express my contentment to the member institutions for developing cooperation among all institutions ,sharing knowledge and experiences in the field of police education/training. I would like to greet you with my sincere greetings and wish you all to have a happy and healthy new year.

Prof. Dr. Yılmaz ÇOLAK
President of INTERPA
President of Turkish National Police Academy