5th Annual INTERPA conference was held on 28-30 March of 2016 hosted by National Ribat University in Corinthia Hotel in Khartoum / SUDAN

5th Annual INTERPA conference was held on 28-30 March of 2016  hosted by National Ribat University in Corinthia Hotel in Khartoum / SUDAN with participation of 60 participants from 18 different countries (20 member institutions) and 3 international organizations.(AEPC, ASEANAPOL,UNHCR)  

Main theme of the Conference was" Global Refugee Crises ". 14 different papers were presented in 5 different sessions during the Conference.

During the General Council Meeting the elections was held as well.

Voting for INTERPA


  1. Turkish National Police Academy, Turkey (% 100)

Vice Presidency:

  1. King Fahad Security College, Saudi Arabia(% 100)
  2. National Ribat University, Sudan(% 100)
  3. Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Belarus(% 100)

  Executive Board Membership:

  1. Karagandy Police Academy, Kazakhstan(% 100)
  2. Police College, Qatar(% 100)
  3. Sao Paolo Police Academy, Brazil(% 100)
  4.  Police School ,Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) (% 100)
  5.  Royal Malaysia Police College (MALAYSIA) / Bangladesh Police Academy (BANGLADESH)

President, Vice President and Executive Board Members of INTERPA were elected for three years.

For the minutes and final declaration of 5th Annual INTERPA conference please visit the restricted area using your password(If you have any problem, please contact to the secretariat).