The 4th Annual INTERPA Conference




The 4 th INTERPA Conference was held in UAE, Abu Dhabi Police College on 25-27 May, with 100 members and guests from 29 countries and 2 International Organizations. The topic was "Training of Officers in The Field of Policing That Needs Expertise".

Opening speech was made by the President of Turkish Police Academy and INTERPA Prof. Dr. Yılmaz COLAK. During the Conference 23 academic presentations were made by Academicians. General Board Meeting and Executive Board meeting was also held in during conference and following institutions were evaluated and accepted as the new members of INTERPA. Today INTERPA has 58 member institutions from 47 countries.

The Institutions of which applications were accepted are:

  • Police Academy of Cambodia
  • Police Academy of the Lower Saxony-Germany
  • Kostanai Academy of MIA of Kazakhstan
  • Pakistan National Police Academy
  • Police Staff College Bwebajja Uganda
  • Dubai Police Academy-United Arab Emirates
  • Sharjah Academy of Police Sciences


The Executive Board Meeting of INTERPA will be held in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

The proposals about the changing INTERPA protocol and logo were voted and accepted as well.


Draft Academic and Main Program can be reached from

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