13th Executive Board Meeting 

Autumn 2017, Riyadh/ Saudi Arabia



6th Annual INTERPA Conference

28-30 March 2017, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus


11 th  Executive Board Meeting 

29-30 September 2016, Kazakhstan


5th Annual INTERPA Conference 

28-30 March 2016, Khartoum, Sudan 


9th Executive Board Meeting 

12-13 Octobre 2015, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC)  


 4th INTERPA Conference / 8th INTERPA Executive Board Meeting / 5th INTERPA General Council Meeting

   25-27 May 2015, Abu Dhabi / UNITED ARAB EMIRATES


   7th INTERPA Executive Board Meeting

   21-22 October 2014, BAHRAIN 


3rd INTERPA Conference: Development of Teaching Staff in Police Academies / 6th INTERPA Executive Board Meeting / 4th INTERPA General Council Meeting

21-24 April 2014, Kuala Lumpur/MALAYSIA


5th INTERPA Executive Boards Meeting

17-21 November 2013, Ankara/TURKEY


2nd INTERPA Conference: Contemporary Issues in Police Education / 4th INTERPA Executive Board Meeting / 3rd INTERPA General Council Meeting

13-17 April 2013, Riyadh/SAUDI ARABIA


3rd INTERPA Executive Board Meeting

7-11 November 2012, Khartoum/SUDAN

1st INTERPA Conference: Contemoporary Police Education / 2nd INTERPA Executive Board and General Council Meetings

24-27 April 2012, Antalya/TURKEY


INTERPA Establisment Meeting and Protocol Signing Ceremony / 1st INTERPA Executive Board and General Council Meetings

2nd July, 2011 Istanbul/TURKEY

Mission & Vision


  • Establishing a communication platform for police training institutions
  • Maximizing the cooperation and coordination
  • Optimizing the existing sources
  • Sharing best practices and researches
  • Conducting exchange programs
  • Increasing the management capacity of police training institutions


  • Being a global police training cooperation and coordination hub that brings institutions closer to meet, work and wish for the best.

President's Message
Notices and Speeches by Yılmaz Çolak, President of INTERPA

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Protocols And Documents
Protocols and Documents about INTERPA