5th Annual INTERPA conference was held on 28-30 March of 2016 (27 March : Arrivals 31 March : Departures) hosted by National Ribat University in Corinthia Hotel in Khartoum / SUDAN with participation of 60 participants from 18 different countries amoung 20 member institutions and 3 international organizations.(AEPC, ASEANAPOL,UNHCR)  

Main theme of the Conference was" Global Refugee Crises ". 14 different papers were presented in 5 different sessions during the Conference.

During the General Council Meeting the elections was held as well.

Voting for INTERPA


  1. Turkish National Police Academy, Turkey (% 100)

Vice Presidency:

  1. King Fahad Security College, Saudi Arabia(% 100)
  2. National Ribat University, Sudan(% 100)
  3. Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Belarus(% 100)

  Executive Board Membership:

  1. Karagandy Police Academy, Kazakhstan(% 100)
  2. Police College, Qatar(% 100)
  3. Sao Paolo Police Academy, Brazil(% 100)
  4.  Police School ,Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) (% 100)
  5.  Royal Malaysia Police College (MALAYSIA) / Bangladesh Police Academy (BANGLADESH)

President, Vice President and Executive Board Members of INTERPA were elected for three years.